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Installation: Luca Serasini
Soundscape: Marco Ricci del Mastro / SINTESIMUSIC
Sound engineer: Roberto del Mastro

160 x 160 x 300 cm
wood, iron, forex, 3Dprint, 6 speakers
duration: 360’


In the installation Gli Ascoltatori/Marconi 360 there is a clear reference to the figure of Guglielmo Marconi and to the biblical passage that tells of Jacob's Dream, between a mutual alternation of concepts that investigate matter and spirit, Earth and Sky and the bond that unites not only visually these two areas of existence. If we think, for example, of the ladder dreamed of by Jacob, one immediately visualizes a strong archaic symbolism that aims at raising the spirit, which in this case rises in parallel with the scientific discoveries of Marconi, genius of our scientific history that has allowed us and allows us today to understand the universe, as a precursor of satellite communications.

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The staircase directed upwards in fact symbolizes in Serasini's work the purification, the elevation of the believer to God and the development of man's technological crescendo, as well as direct access to our future thanks to continuous scientific discoveries, and spiritually a passage from which the angels descend and rise incessantly showing us who we are, and allowing us to carry on our evolutionary development. In this work the metaphysical fulcrum of climbing, corresponds to approaching the unknown becoming more and more aware of oneself but focusing attention on the perception of sounds, and being able to listen to the voice of the stars, the deaf echoes of the universe, the noise of footsteps on the stairs that go up and down, the precise but frenetic sound of the marconista at work, the uchronic and still contemporary rhythm of Morse transmissions, the distant semblance of ambient sounds of an unknown future.

text by Alessandro Schiavetti


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