dialJforJacob 02

Interactive installation and artist's books: Luca Serasini
Soundscape: Marco Ricci del Mastro
Voices: Eyal Lerner and Michele Emdin

Variable size
Vintage phones, Arduino, sensors, tables, chairs
Duration: about 5'

Taking up, in an ironic sense, the title of a Hitchcock film, this interactive installation takes the visitor back to the time when the telephone was an object to move towards, and here becomes the narrator of Jacob's earthly and spiritual events, from his escape from his father's house to the encounter with the dream of the staircase, and the use of stone as a symbol of God's presence in that place. The narrating voices lead the visitor in 3 different stages to "turn the page" and discover, through drawings, texts and suggestions, this story, which is a story for the soul.

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