lescaleeicani 01

by Marco Ricci del Mastro

Pencil on printed paper
120 x 30 cm each

The papers are technical notes for Marco and also a metaphor for the state of listening, often unable to understand, in which humanity awaits an answer, which will only come in pieces. Each piece cannot be separated from its continuation and the pieces are not to be understood as separate, as in a compilation, but as part of a circulating whole. The entire 360-minute piece was conceived as a journey into the unexplored, like the first radio waves launched by Guglielmo Marconi towards another continent, like the stairs stretching towards Heaven that Jacob dreamed of: the various passages are transported by a sense of mystery fear and surprise not always positive, sometimes dreamy as crossing unknown areas must be. The sense of suspension is sought through arrhythmicity. *(at least: this was Marco's commitment).

lescaleeicani 01

lescaleeicani 03

lescaleeicani 041

lescaleeicani 05

lescaleeicani 06